The president and the lunatic

Markets realize the president is an incompetent lunatic share on facebook tweet this story 0 comments most viewed stories latest news from daily intelligencer. Nicholas barnaba mr threston ap us history ii 23 september 2013 the president and the lunatic the president and the lunatic is an article featured in american. As president trump prepares to set foot for the first time on the korean peninsula, north korea rolled out its twisted version of the red carpet, mocking. “you are now the president of the united states cnn’s ana navarro calls trump a ‘crazy you crazy, lunatic. Washington (cnn)the us air force has deployed six nuclear-capable b-52 stratofortress bombers to guam, according to us pacific air forces, adding more.

A north korea state-run newspaper has lashed out at president donald trump by calling him a “lunatic” and suggesting he is a warmonger it has also declared that. Is trump a liar or a lunatic both is trump a liar or a lunatic the network’s jeff zeleny then praised the president as “a unifier,” while poppy harlow. The president called the parties to a white house summit in august—after two days and no results, wilson proceeded to settle the issue. North korea’s state-run media has labelled donald trump’s tweet about having a bigger nuclear button than leader kim jong un’s the “spasm of a lunatic. What will be the military’s actions in case a “lunatic” president uses and abuses the power given to him this was one of sen antonio trillanes iv’s.

Donald trump is still the republican front-runner for president only 22% of republicans think he'd be a bad president, and 90% of republicans say. By lamin saddam sanyany in the netherlands when a lunatic becomes a president always contradicts himself always acts before thinking always blind to see the truth.

President trump and north korean leader kim jong-un took some time off from as just a spasm of a lunatic frightened by the might of juche korea and a bark of. Thursday on msnbc’s hardball, gov terry mcauliffe (d-va) reacted to a washington post report that president donald trump asked why people from shithole. North korea is going after president trump again, calling him a lunatic and a warmonger state-run newspaper, the pyongyang times, also called south.

The united states will continue to stare into the “abyss of doom” until “lunatic old” president trump is removed from office, according to a north. Presidents of the united states of america-lunatic to love theincredibletroy loading unsubscribe from theincredibletroy cancel unsubscribe working. 27 psychiatrists assess the dangerous case of donald trump in a new book, 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts asses president donald trump’s behavior.

The president and the lunatic

the president and the lunatic

North korea accuses donald trump of being a 'spasm of a lunatic' the us president is yet to react to the latest jibe from pyongyang.

Home / uncategorized / the president’s motorcade was just attacked by anti-trump lunatic while driving through florida. 'he’s an abyss of doom' north korea demands ‘old lunatic’ donald trump is kicked out of the white house – as us president visits neighbouring china’s. Undeterred, the trump-loathing left’s latest gambit is that the president is “unfit for office” due to mental illness were these the antics of a lunatic. Olbermann slams ‘lunatic president and his amoral flying monkeys’ — including ‘kellyanne con-job cnn panel unloads on ‘crazy’ trump’s ability to.

Can a man-child lunatic accomplish all this in my view, the book will do nothing more than deepen the polarization surrounding our president. Prominent chicago sportscaster suspended for calling america a ‘country full of simpletons’ and trump a ‘cartoon lunatic. North korea warns 'lunatic' donald trump he's 'taking america into ruin' as president suggests us prepared for war trump was called a 'hooligan' with 'war fever' as. North korea's state-run media say us president donald trump's nuclear button tweet was the spasm of a lunatic. Gov-elect phil murphy took a shot at president donald trump at a trenton news conference monday when he unveiled his pick to be new jersey's next. My boyfriend and i drove through dayton, ohio on our way back from a quick trip to the east cost last week, and we decided to stop by the national museum of the air force. Lunatic fringe is defined as bloviate means to speak or write verbosely or windily, and while that might not sound like the kind of thing a president.

the president and the lunatic

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