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For non-comics geeks out there, this strange looking trump is modeled after marvel comics villain modok, who is also a brain genius like our president follow me. President trump, pushing back on a new book by michael wolff, says he's not only smart but also a genius. President donald trump saturday to defend his mental fitness and boast about his intelligence, saying he is like, really smart and a very stable genius. Democratic lawmaker introduces “stable genius act” amid trump mental-health concerns bill sponsor rep brendan boyle says, “the president believes he. The president believes he is a stable genius i do not today, i introduced the standardizing testing and accountability before large elections giving electors.

stable president

Perhaps you have heard the coastal elites make the argument that the vice president and the cabinet should use the 25th amendment to remove donald trump as. There is talk about the president's mind, whether it's stable i don't know but it seems trump has brought more of the stable to the white house than anyone since. Washington -- president donald trump slammed reports questioning his mental stability in a series of tweets saturday morning, writing he's a very stable. President trump: the very stable idiot super genius the president is either a genius or an idiot, right the president is either a genius or an idiot.

His bill comes after president trump called himself a very stable genius over the weekend as questions about his mental fitness for office were raised by. Trump, mocking questions on his mental state, tweets he is a 'stable genius' the president says his two greatest assets are mental stability and being smart.

Trump defends mental health: i'm a 'stable genius' the president condemns speculation over his wellbeing and governing style in wake of wolff book release. While claiming mental stability along with intellectual “genius” status, president trump shows increasingly disturbing signs of gross mental instability his.

Stable president

Being called unfit for duty puts trump in good company, not only with barry goldwater but also ronald reagan detroit mayor coleman young called the gipper “crazy. I think that would qualify as not smart, but geniusand a very stable genius at that 4:30 am - 6 jan 2018 confident l love that our president said this. It’s one of the funniest things, other than our first video, we have ever seen watch as president trump pretty much says ‘yeah, i’ll sign anything you give me.

Even when he is not overtly trying to win attention, us president donald trump's natural instinct - a form of genius to some, a sign of instability to others - is to. January 17, 2018 - us voters split on whether trump is stable, quinnipiac university national poll finds president is dividing the nation, voters say 2-1. Is there any limit to the embarrassment that donald trump can cause to our nation being recognized as the biggest liar that has ever occupied the white house isn't. The president continued to lash out at a new book that paints him as unfit for office. “the president believes he is a ‘stable genius’ i do not,” said congressman boyle “president trump’s reckless. (washington) — president donald trump is getting his first medical checkup since taking office declaring himself “a very stable genius. President donald trump said he’s a “very stable genius” in response to questions about his fitness for office — and now one congressman wants to put such.

Thing tank stable geniuses, oprah for president, self-driving pizza: it’s a thing. The 25th amendment was never intended to be a coup mechanism it was put in place for times when a president was legitimately, unambiguously disabled. Us sen lindsey graham on monday took a jab at president donald trump's very stable genius tweet, eliciting laughs from both the audience and the female hosts of. Trump tweets he's a 'stable genius' president trump took to twitter saturday to defend himself against those questioning his fitness for office. President donald trump, accompanied by republican congressmen and members of his cabinet, departs after speaking at a news conference following a. The true stable genius might not be president trump instead it's the people cashing in on 45's latest catchphrase according to the us patent and.

stable president stable president

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